Current Candidates

Special Election, November 7, 2017

Elston McCowan

St. Louis 2nd Ward Alderman Candidate

We have an excellent opportunity to elect longtime Green Party activist Elston K. McCowan as 2nd Ward Alderman for the City of St. Louis, MO. This seat has been vacated by Dionne Flowers and a special election will be held in St. Louis on Tuesday, November 7, 2017. The St. Louis Green Party Central Committee recently nominated Elston to be our party’s candidate for Ward 2!

In the most recent election held in 2015 against Dionne Flowers, Elston garnered 38% of the vote in a one month campaign with $5,000 against a well known Democratic candidate. This is a two month campaign and Elston plans to raise $10,000 – $20,000. He has more name recognition than his Democratic opponent and he’s picked up endorsements from Greens, Democrats and Independents alike. His record as an activist has garnered the support of individuals and groups from the Ferguson Movement as well. Hundreds of individuals have already pledged their support to canvas, phone bank and Get Out the Vote. With your help and support, we can win this thing!

Please help us get out the word to vote for Elston K. McCowan on November 7th or 2nd Ward Alderman!

Learn more about Elston in his 9/13/17 Fire Side Chat with Jill Stein.



Daniel Trott

District 23 State Representative Candidate

Daniel Trott is running to be the first Green elected to the Missouri State House of Representatives. He is the Green Party candidate in the November 7, 2017 special election to fill the vacancy in district 23.

Daniel advocates for stronger urban communities from a people-first approach. Rather than focusing solely on incentivizing businesses, he pushes for empowering and expanding the already thriving community groups spread throughout his district. He has lived on the East Side of Kansas City for over 25 years and has displayed leadership in building stronger communities through grass-roots initiatives. He believes that long-term, sustainable improvement comes through focusing on health, education, and access to resources. In his personal life, Daniel has demonstrated resourcefulness and a strong drive as an entrepreneur. He has started and maintained two small businesses, and is excited to contribute his energy toward serving his district.

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