The political and fiscal power of the Missouri Green Party resides in its local chapters. The chapters are locally-organized self-determined groups of dues paying members. Each chapter has a representative that sits on the State Coordinating Committee. The chapters share a portion of the dues they receive, with the state party. Membership in a local chapter also means membership in the state party.

The links below can also help you find local Greens and official chapters. The Kansas City & St. Louis Chapters have their own membership processes. See their pages for instructions on joining the state party through these chapters. To join the other chapters, either visit their meetings or get State Party Membership and indicate in the comments section which chapter you want to join. Please be aware that chapters have the right to refuse membership. To get state party membership without joining a chapter, simply fill out the State Party Membership form and pay your dues.

To form a chapter in your area, check out the Chapter Toolkit and contact a Regional Coordinator.


Missouri Green Regions
Internet WebsiteFacebook PageFacebook Group PageTwitter
_State of MissouriThis SiteLinkLinkLink
CentralMid-MO Green Party ChapterLinkLink
South West-Springfield
Springfield MO Chapter
South West-JoplinGreen Alliance of Southwest Missouri ChapterLinkLink
South EastLink
North EastLink
North West-St. Joseph
St LouisGateway Green Alliance ChapterLinkLink
Kansas CityHeart Of America ChapterLinkLink
_State Action GroupLink

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