Green Alliance of Southwest Missouri



Approved August 27, 2016

Statement of Purpose

The Green Alliance of Southwest Missouri seeks to promote racial, economic and environmental education, while advancing human equality, community, and environmental cohesion. We seek to achieve these means locally as well as nationally, by adhering to the progressive tenants of our party, which include the ten following values:

Ecological Wisdom                                         Community-based economics

Grassroots democracy                                     Feminism

Social justice                                                   Respect for diversity

Nonviolence                                                    Personal and global responsibility, and

Decentralization                                              Future focus/sustainability.

Article I: Introduction

In order to carry out the above-mentioned plan of action, guided by a sense of justice and pragmatism, we hereby ordain and say that we shall rebel against any economic system that furthers distinctions of gender, race, spirituality, disability, refugee status or sexual preference. We want the powers (both hired and elected) that make choices in our collective future to represent, both literally and in spirit, the will of our communities to live healthy, safe lives and to see others are able to do the same. Our desire, to which we owe the formation of this chapter as well as our national party, is to give more choice and more power to the citizens of this nation (and more specifically citizens of the SWM area) who work to create the products and render the services of the country that we now seek to effectively govern, for themselves and for their progeny. The Green Alliance of Southwest Missouri (GASMO) will run/endorse candidates for any and all public offices where we feel that our social message will bring about effective change to our cities, our county governments, our school boards, our aldermanic boards, etc. The GASMO will replace, where possible, obsolete and repressive economic and social models with ones that favor a society based on mutual admiration, co-operation, and sustainability. May these bylaws here above and hereafter affirm our heartfelt belief that revolutionary social change cannot occur within the corporate confines of the status quo.

Article II: Membership

  • Individuals that reside within the state of Missouri, having paid their annual dues and belonging to no other political party or Green chapter are free to have full membership to the GASMO.
  • Members must be in agreement to support the ten core values set forth by the Green Party (GP) and work in harmony to promote the ideals of peace, acceptance, social evolution and goodwill for all.
  • Members will have the power to amend the chapter bylaws, nominate and appoint committee members, remove committee members, participate in publicly endorsing candidates and policy that supports the GP values. Actions to address policy or bylaw changes and the appointment or removal of committee members may be addressed at the committee meetings.

Article III: Fees

2.1 Membership shall be defined by individuals paying their annual membership dues to the GP and this chapter. Annual due amounts shall be defined by a committee vote on an annual basis and published on the chapter’s social media page.

2.2 Individuals membership will be considered expired when they fail to pay their annual dues after 30-days’ time from the due date.

Article III: Decision Making Process:

  • Committee members will consider the input of all chapter members and attempt to resolve all disagreements. Any unresolved concerns or disagreements will be resolved with a majority vote by the committee members.
  • Concerns about a committee or chapter member’s behavior may be address by the committee through a petition letter requesting removal of a member.
  • All efforts should be made to avoid removing any members from the chapter through means of group discussion, mediation between individuals in conflict, before the committee takes the issue to a chapter vote.
  • The removal of a member will be addressed at the committee meeting and then moved to a chapter discussion when the committee unanimously votes to do so.
  • Once the discussion to remove a member is moved to a chapter discussion, the individuals will have 15 minutes to defend themselves from the allegations before the chapter voted whether to remove the member or not.
  • The removal of a member must be supported by 80% of the vote at a chapter meeting.
  • The GASMO by-laws can be amended by any member submitting a proposal in writing to the committee. The proposed amendment will be voted on for approval at the next chapter meeting. The committee will communicate the proposal to all members at least 14-days before the meeting in which the vote is to occur. Amendments can be approved by the majority vote, with at least 4 committee members present.

Article IV: Committee and Chapter Meetings:

  • Committee members shall meet every three months to review and approve amendments to the chapter bylaws, review the chapter budget, approve expenditures under $100.00, discuss the appointment of committee members, develop strategy for supporting GP candidates, and approve meeting minutes. Additional tasks that pertain to the support of the chapter and the GP will be addressed during committee meetings.
  • Chapter Meetings shall be held at least once monthly. Committee members are requested to try in earnest to attend monthly meetings. The Coordinating committee officer is responsible to announce the monthly chapter meeting place and time at least 7-days prior to the meeting, on the chapter’s social media page and website.
  • The secretary shall take notes during the chapter and committee meetings and make them accessible on the chapter social media page within 48 hours. The secretary shall maintain a minute’s binder with notes from each meeting. Should the secretary be unavailable for a meeting, a temporary secretary may be appointed to fulfill the meeting duties.

Article V: Order of Issues

  • The Co-Coordinators shall suggest the facilitator open the meeting and ask for approval of the notes from the last meeting and the for the appointed facilitator to continue with the agenda supplied by the Co-Coordinators. If there is an objection to the minute notes, agenda or facilitator the Co-Coordinators will ask for a vote to determine the majority consensus.
  • The Co-Coordinators shall provide a report to committee members that lists all meetings since the last committee meeting, with the dates and times. In addition, the report should list all events held since the last committee meeting, with their locations, dates and times. The o-Coordinators shall limit their review of the report to 5-minutes and give a copy of the report to the Secretary. All other reports shall be limited to 2-minutes.
  • Any upcoming events should be announced and limited to 2-minutes.
  • Guest speakers will address the committee
  • Unfinished committee and chapter business will be addressed
  • New committee or chapter business will be addressed
  • Meetings shall be regularly scheduled, unless there is a special circumstance or conflict due to holidays or another appropriate reason.
  • The chapter meetings shall be held on the 3rd Saturday of every month at 7:00 PM and be held at the location announced by the Co-Coordinators. Any changes to the scheduled chapter meetings will be published by the Co-Coordinators on the social media page and website.
  • Committee quarterly meetings shall be arranged by the Co-Coordinators and announced at least 4 weeks prior to the scheduled meeting.

5.10 Additional chapter meetings may be scheduled by the majority vote of 20%.

Article VI: Voting

  • All members current on their dues shall be permitted to vote at chapter meetings.

6.2 Any active member may initiate a vote for a proposal during a discussion. The facilitator will be responsible for determining if there is a majority vote.

  • The facilitator is responsible to ask if there are any objections to the consensus of the vote, and then call for an additional vote if there is no consensus.

Article VII: Appointment of Officers

  • The appointment of new committee members will occur at the annual committee meeting held by the 2-week of January each year. The Annual meeting shall be open to all members to participate in the nomination and election of officers. Vacant Coordinating Committee positions may be filled at committee meetings as necessary. Given the rural area of this chapter, the replacement of committee members will be considered annually, however not required. It is the desire of this chapter to allow all members the ability to serve on the committee board and as such, will make it a priority to allow new members to serve on the committee board.
  • Candidates for a committee positions may be nominated through a written or electronic submission to the Coordinating Committee, at a chapter meeting, in a Coordinating Committee meeting, at a GASMO chapter meeting, or at an annual meeting. Candidates for a committee position must be a GASMO chapter and GP member prior to the day of voting. Candidates for an officer’s position must be at least 18-years of age.

Article VIII: Coordinating Committee

  • The Coordinating Committee shall consist of the minimum of 5 officer’s positions: two Coordinator, an Outreach Coordinator, a Treasurer, and a Secretary. Additional officer’s positions shall be considered and voted on by the Coordinating Committee as such need arises. The Coordinating Committee shall not have more than 12-members.
  • The Coordinating Committee shall take action to support the values of the GP in public and private education, endorsement, community events, fundraising planning, strategy and participate in activities that support both the chapter and the GP.
  • Coordinating Committee members shall provide documentation of all actions and decisions made on behalf of the committee at the following chapter meeting.
  • The secretary shall post the minutes from the Coordinating Committee meeting and actions and decisions made within 7 days from the Coordinating Committee meeting or decision made on the chapter’s social media page. The Secretary should include any known agenda for the next Coordinating Committee meeting, include the date, time and location as decided.
  • Coordinating Committee’s shall not make expenditures over 100.00 unless a majority vote is received at a chapter meeting.

Article IX: Officers

  • Officers positions will be open for election at the annual meeting regardless of when they assumed their role. The selection of an officer must be decided by the majority vote of the chapter.
  • If an officer misses 3 consecutive meetings the position should be considered vacant and the chapter members should vote to fill the position.
  • Officers may be removed at any time by the majority vote of the chapter.
  • Any vacant officer positions may be filled at the next chapter meeting.
  • A temporary officer may be assigned by the coordinating committee until the next chapter meeting where the position may be filled.

Article X: Duties of Officers

  1. The Co-Coordinators shall:
  2. Arrange for the location and time for every chapter and committee meeting
  3. Lead the discussion on meetings and arrange for guest speakers
  4. Engage in conversations and facilitate events with individuals and groups that support GP values
  5. Oversee all committee members or individuals employed by the chapter


  1. The Secretary shall:
  2. Take notes and report the minutes to the chapter social media page and website or technical officer within 7 days of the committee meeting and chapter meeting.
  3. Check that all meetings times and locations are published on the chapter’s social media page and website at least 7 days before the meetings take place
  4. Provide membership forms at every chapter meeting
  5. Establish and coordinate communications with other Green groups.


  1. The Treasurer shall:
  2. Bring a list of all members that are current on their dues to each chapter meeting
  3. Collect dues from members
  4. Keep and distribute membership forms to inquiring members or for members to renew their membership
  5. Contact members to remind them on their annual dues
  6. Create a quarterly financial report to be submitted to the co-Coordinators and to be published to the chapter’s membership page
  7. Deliver a report of all expenditures and receipts occurred during the time previous to each committee meeting
  8. Submit an annual financial report to be delivered at the annual meeting and subsequently published on the chapter’s social media page


  1. The Outreach Coordinator:
  2. Solicit new members
  3. Facilitate and ensure the delivery of a quarterly newsletter to chapter members
  4. Engage the community and surrounding area to find individuals to run as candidates in local elections
  5. Seek diverse members to represent all ethnicities, gender, socioeconomic status and sexual orientation





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