After over nine hours of committee work and two days of state convention voting, our bylaws have been amended to make our organization stronger than ever!


Some things the changes achieved:

  • Explained how our organization fits into the political party structure defined in Missouri law
  • Clarified our processes for gaining and losing membership, dues sharing, and decision making
  • Fleshed out the relationship of the chapters with the state party
  • Connected our bylaws to our articles of incorporation
  • Brought us into compliance with state law governing officially recognized state parties
  • Protected our volunteer leaders by adding transparency around things like conflicts of interest, organizational property, liability, and compensation
  • Created a fiscal policy
  • Established accountability to the membership for our candidates and elected officials


You can read the amended bylaws in their entirety on our Bylaws page.


Another round of thanks is due the Bylaws Committee for all of their hard work on these new bylaws. The committee members were: Chair Vicke Kepling (Springfield), Henry Robertson (St. Louis), CJ Meyers (Joplin), Don Fitz (St. Louis), Nancy Browning (Columbia), & Zay Thompson (Kansas City).