St. Louis Candidate Search!

Are you a Green who lives in St. Louis’ Ward 8?

Due to a resignation in Ward 8 of St. Louis City, there will be a special election to fill the Alderperson position.

If you have lived in Ward 8 for at least a year and share Green Party values
(see, you may be eligible to receive our nomination.

In order to be endorsed by the Green Party of St. Louis, you need to:

1. Contact Elston McCowan right away at 314-496-7861.
2. Join the Green Party of St. Louis (if you are not already a member).
3. Talk with Green Party members about your potential candidacy at its December 20 meeting.

The special election is February 13, 2018; but the Green Party will select its candidate and begin campaigning well before then. The filing deadline is January 12, 2018.

Green Party US: Expanding Ballot Access in 2018

Last year the Green Party gained national visibility and reached a peak of 5% support in mid-summer polls. As the election drew closer, support gradually fell to 1.1% on election day. While a number of factors were at play, the lack of ballot lines in several large states was among them.

The 1.5 million votes received by Jill Stein in 2016 is three times her vote total in 2012. It is nine times the votes received by former congresswoman Cynthia McKinney in 2008, and twelve times the vote for David Cobb in 2004. While the Green Party presidential vote in 2016 is only 51% of our vote for Ralph Nader in 2000, it is double the vote for Nader’s best run as an independent.

There is talk of forming a new progressive party, yet the Green Party has consistently outperformed other progressive and Leftist parties and candidates. We have gotten more presidential votes in each election since 1996 than all other left parties combined. The Green Party has also run more candidates and won more seats at every level of government.

Beyond our presidential candidate on 45 state ballots, in 2016 and 2017 we had 25 other statewide candidates, 56 US house candidates, and 400 additional state and local candidates. Eighty of these won elected office.

We are entering a key election year, yet we have remarkably low financial reserves and are facing cuts to our party’s proposed budget across the board. There are a number of states which we could gain a ballot line in 2018, and maintain it through 2020 with a modest vote threshold. These include Idaho where we need 13,800 signatures, Indiana where we need 26,700 signatures, and Nevada where we need 10,800 signatures. These are achievable goals if we can muster the resources to help these states. With your support we can complete 2018 with over 25 retained ballot lines, putting us in a strong position entering the next election cycle.

After a stunning loss in 2016, the Democratic Party establishment elected the same old guard to congressional and party leadership. Meanwhile the Republican Party is struggling to deal with divisions and corruption. Puerto Rico is suffering the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Maria while the US delays and obstructs aid delivery, in a déjà vu of Clinton’s mismanagement of aid to Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. This month Congress passed a $700 billion defense appropriation bill with bipartisan support. This week the Keystone pipeline leaked 600,000 gallons of oil, almost on cue to remind us that the current fossil fuel economy must not continue. Sexual harassment scandals have awakened the public to the need for open dialogue on feminism and power relations in the workplace and in Congress.

The climate is right for Green Party values of social justice, nonviolence, ecology and democracy.

We need your contribution to put these values on ballots across the country. Please step up your support so that we can step up the Green Party’s involvement where it will count the most. Give generously to help us make a Green future possible. Help us make next year a steady climb to overgrow the government.

In solidarity,

Jody Grage
Charles Sherrouse
Ballot Access Committee co-chairs

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First Greens Announce 2018 Candidacies!


Two members of our Green Alliance of Southwest Missouri chapter declared their candidacies at a press conference on November 21, 2017. Preston Reynolds is running to be the Carterville City Councilman from Ward 3 and Conon Gillis is running to be the State Senator from District 32. This is a historic event, giving voters in Southwest Missouri the opportunity to vote Green for the first time in these districts! Voters in Carterville will be able to vote for Preston Reynolds on General Municipal Election Day, April 3, 2018. Voters in district 32 will be able to vote for Conon Gillis at the Primary Election on August 7, 2018 by asking for the Green Party ballot at the polls and again in the General Election on November 6, 2018.


News coverage:


The Green Road to 2018

These are only the first of our candidates gearing up for 2018. We’ll be announcing other candidate filings on our website and on social media, as well as endorsements. Keep track of where Greens are running in Missouri by visiting our Current Candidates page.


Our Elections Committee is looking to fill Missouri 2018 ballots with qualified candidates. Our top priority is to have Greens run for the two statewide offices on the ballot in 2018: U.S. Senator and State Auditor. Getting over 2% of the vote for statewide candidates maintains our statewide ballot access and official party status for 4 years after the election. We also aim to run in many of the uncontested state and local races with only one major party candidate. Missouri voters deserve real choices, especially in these types of races. However, we are committed to running quality candidates wherever we can because the Green Party has the solutions necessary for our time of crisis.


Check your voter registration and register to vote if necessary. Find out which political districts you are in and where your voting place is at. Learn which offices are on the ballot in 2018 by visiting the Secretary of State’s website and your local election board (for local races). Pay attention to election dates, candidate filing deadlines, and voter registration deadlines. Please contact us if you want to learn more about being a Green Party candidate. Our broken political system will not change unless more citizens get involved.


Southwest MO Candidate Reveal & Press Conference

Candidate Reveal & Press Conference
November 21st 2017 5pm-7pm

WHAT: Candidate Reveal & Press Conference
WHEN: Tuesday, November 21st 2017
TIME: 5:00PM – 7:00PM
WHERE: Joplin Public Library (Community Room)
CONTACT: Ron Burch (417) 310-3700

Join us at the Joplin Public Library on November 21st at 5pm for our HISTORIC candidate announcements!

For too long candidates have ran unchecked and uncontested in Representative & Senate races across Southwest Missouri. Uncontested elections like these don’t even give the illusion of a Democracy like what was envisioned by our countries founders.

Missourians deserve REAL choices & for the 1st time in Missouri history Green Party candidates will be poised to challenge our established representatives on the 2018 ballot. Green candidates that are passionate, energetic, ethical & have a real vision of a better Missouri that works for all of us!

Press conference will kick-off just after 5pm with candidate announcements for Missouri State Senate. Interested in finding out who? Come to this public event & tune in!

After the announcements meet with our candidates, ask questions and learn more about their policies and positions! Snacks and refreshments will be provided! Come celebrate this HISTORIC occasion with us! This event is open to the public and goes until 7pm!

Kansas City Heart of America Chapter’s Statement on Daniel Trott Ending His Candidacy for District 23 State Representative

The Missouri Green Party and its Kansas City Chapter intend to use our recently won statewide ballot access to run candidates wherever we can in order to give Missourians a fresh alternative to the corrupt capitalist parties. We were excited at the opportunity to participate in the November 2017 special election for District 23 state representative and share our perspective with the voters there. Our party and our candidate threw ourselves into campaigning.


Unfortunately, after the campaign was underway, some information came to our attention that made us lose confidence that Daniel Trott could represent our 10 Key Values as our candidate. We discussed this matter with Daniel and agreed that it would be best to end his campaign. Our chapter has also withdrawn our endorsement of his candidacy. Regrettably, it was too late to remove Daniel’s name from the ballot. We hope that our public statement will sufficiently alert Green voters that the Kansas City Chapter of the Missouri Green Party is urging people not to vote for Daniel Trott in the special election.


This is not to say that the Green Party is supporting another candidate in this race. Unfortunately, neither of two other candidates represent Green values. Martin and Washington are both members of a capitalist party.


Even though we are deeply disappointed about this situation, we are committed to transform society to one built on Green values, to be the radical alternative that is necessary to confront issues that the capitalist parties ignore. To do so, our party and our candidates must authentically reflect those values in our personal lives and internal processes. Political power without integrity is too common in our country’s politics and has resulted in the many disasters and tragedies humanity and the earth are experiencing. We refuse to compromise our principles for a shot at winning an election because that would compromise the very reason we are involved in politics. So, we’re going to take all that we’ve learned during this campaign and bring a harder and stronger challenge to the corporate duopoly in 2018. Greens in Kansas City will continue to show up in solidarity with communities that are in struggle. And it means we will continue to recognize and develop leadership within the working class and front line communities so that candidates arise from those communities. We hope that you will join us!

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Will a Green Party Candidate Defeat St. Louis Democrats? 

Is Elston McCowan crazy to think that he can actually defeat Democratic Party candidates by running on the Green Party ticket in a St. Louis ward that is 95% black?  Maybe not, since in 2015 he received 37% of the vote in Ward 2 against the incumbent. Host Don Fitz and guest Rev. Elston McCowan discuss how the theme “Strong and Effective Leadership” refers to loss of City funds for Ward 2 due to Democratic Party bosses not standing up for their constituents.  Rev. McCowan intends to obtain City funding for cleaning up alleys, improving parks and helping elders receive financing for home energy efficiency. He has experience teaching gardening in schools and will combat “food deserts” by bringing shops with healthy food to the ward.  The special election for Ward 2 is Tuesday, November 7, 2017.


Rev. McCowan opposes the state appointed board continuing to run St. Louis Public Schools and advocates returning power to the elected school board.  He supports demonstrations that occurred after Jason Stockley was acquitted of murder for killing Anthony Lamar Smith. Sensitive to the high rate of violence Ward 2, he wants to deal with crime through jobs, education and recreational facilities.   Rev. McCowan wants the St. Louis Board of Aldermen to urge the Missouri legislature to approve a Single Payer (Medicare for All) system for the state.  He discusses the fact that funding for needed services in US cities will be unavailable as long as there are endless wars and will call for a Conference of Urban Elected Officials to develop plans for confronting crises which federal and state governments are ignoring.
This Green Time (No. 532) is produced by the Gateway Greens in conjunction with KNLC Channel 24.  Call 314-727-8554 or contact for info.   Airs on KNLC Channel 24 in St. Louis City and neighboring counties: 12:00 p.m., Saturday, October 28, 2017, If you want to see the interview with Rev. McCowan now, you can view this episode at: To support Rev. McCowan’s campaign, visit:

Check Out The Updated Bylaws!

After over nine hours of committee work and two days of state convention voting, our bylaws have been amended to make our organization stronger than ever!


Some things the changes achieved:

  • Explained how our organization fits into the political party structure defined in Missouri law
  • Clarified our processes for gaining and losing membership, dues sharing, and decision making
  • Fleshed out the relationship of the chapters with the state party
  • Connected our bylaws to our articles of incorporation
  • Brought us into compliance with state law governing officially recognized state parties
  • Protected our volunteer leaders by adding transparency around things like conflicts of interest, organizational property, liability, and compensation
  • Created a fiscal policy
  • Established accountability to the membership for our candidates and elected officials


You can read the amended bylaws in their entirety on our Bylaws page.


Another round of thanks is due the Bylaws Committee for all of their hard work on these new bylaws. The committee members were: Chair Vicke Kepling (Springfield), Henry Robertson (St. Louis), CJ Meyers (Joplin), Don Fitz (St. Louis), Nancy Browning (Columbia), & Zay Thompson (Kansas City).

Introducing Our St. Louis Ward Two Alderman Candidate!

We have an excellent opportunity to elect longtime Green Party activist Elston K. McCowan as 2nd Ward Alderman for the City of St. Louis, MO. This seat has been vacated by Dionne Flowers and a special election will be held in St. Louis on Tuesday, November 7, 2017. The St. Louis Green Party Central Committee recently nominated Elston to be our party’s candidate for Ward 2!


In the most recent election held in 2015 against Dionne Flowers, Elston garnered 38% of the vote in a one month campaign with $5,000 against a well known Democratic candidate. This is a two month campaign and Elston plans to raise $10,000 – $20,000. He has more name recognition than his Democratic opponent and he’s picked up endorsements from Greens, Democrats and Independents alike. His record as an activist has garnered the support of individuals and groups from the Ferguson Movement as well. Hundreds of individuals have already pledged their support to canvas, phone bank and Get Out the Vote. With your help and support, we can win this thing!


Please help us get out the word to vote for Elston K. McCowan on November 7th or 2nd Ward Alderman! Send your financial support in the form of a personal check to: Green Party Central Committee, City of St. Louis. Mail to: Joseph Civettini, Treasurer, 4112 Flora, St. Louis, MO 63110.

Learn more about Elston in his 9/13/17 Fire Side Chat with Jill Stein.

2017 State Convention Highlights

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2017 State Convention held in Columbia last weekend! We had 54 members check in on Saturday and 39 on Sunday. The MOGP is stronger than ever heading into the 2018 election year when we have the chance to build our power, increase our membership, elevate our values, elect Greens to office, and maintain our ballot access!

The full convention minutes will be emailed out to the membership when they are finished, as different people took minutes for different sections of the convention. Meanwhile, here are the highlights:

  • We voted in most of the proposed bylaws amendments. Look for the amended bylaws to be posted on the state party website and announced by email soon.
  • We discussed the democracy plank of our platform & voted on some changes to the committee’s proposal. But we ultimately sent the plank back to the committee for more work.
  • New MOGP officers for the next year are Chair Zay Thompson (KC), Treasurer Joe Civettini (St. Louis), Secretary Kat Logan Smith (St. Louis), and Outreach Coordinator Andrea Ganier (KC).
  • New Delegates to the Green Party US National Committee are Alison Baldree (KC) and Ron Burch (Joplin) with Elston McCowan (St. Louis) as the alternate delegate.
  • On Saturday night, some of us we went to Cooper’s Landing for dinner, live music, and the sunset over the Missouri River.
  • Zay Thompson presented on the political party committee structure the law requires our party to have. His slide show was emailed to the membership.
  • We used Ranked Choice Voting to decide on a new state party emblem. (See above)
  • Some state-wide political proposal were accepted:
    • The MOGP created an Elections Integrity working group with Peter Anger as the point person. The group will work on producing solutions such as a standardized national paper ballot. (See the link below for volunteering to work on this)
    • The MOGP is committed to collecting 5000 signatures for the CLEAN Missouri petition. Andrea Ganier is the point person. You can expect more information on coordinated state party efforts soon.
    • The MOGP Elections Committee was directed to adopt Steve Mann’s two phase strategic plan for 2018 elections preparation. Expect announcements and information on this work as we draw closer to election year.
    • Government By The People’s efforts on the 7 ballot petitions were endorsed but it will be up to the chapters to decide which ones, if any, to work on.
    • The Outreach Coordinators from each chapter will be connecting with each other to discuss setting up statewide Green Action Networks to coordinate activism.
    • A Presiding Committee was created to work on proposals for MOGP meeting process and to answer questions of process during meetings of the membership. This committee will be a sub-committee of the Organizing Committee. The committee will seek feedback from all the members on their committee work. The committee will be inviting all the chapters to send representatives to sit on the committee.

Thank you to those who volunteered for the following committees. Expect to be contacted soon to get started:

  • Platform & Policy – Responsible for conducting ongoing platform work, researching and providing recommendations for current issues in Missouri that are more detailed than the platform.
  • Elections – Responsible for recruiting candidates, researching electoral opportunities, researching technical campaign issues to assist candidates, and researching opposition.
  •  Website – Consists of programmers, designers, and content writers.
  • 2018 Convention – Will work together in planning the 2018 Missouri Green Party state convention.
  • Organizing – Prepares draft agendas for MOGP meetings, proposes needed task groups, and help task groups coordinate their work.
  • Outreach – Reports to the Coordinating Committee and MOGP meetings concerning environmental and social justice groups that are potential allies of the MOGP, makes recommendations for joint undertakings with these groups, suggests groups that could be invited to make presentations at MOGP meetings, and seek opportunities for MOGP representatives to address other groups.
  • Communications – Responsible for writing press releases, blogging and emailing Party announcements, creating social media memes and posts, and creating Party literature.
  • Finance – Develops ideas for raising money for the MOGP and assists the State Treasurer with her/his duties.
  • Membership – Recruits new members and to helps new chapters get started.
  • Correspondence – Assists the State Secretary in archiving records and performing other duties involving correspondence.

If you didn’t volunteer but would like to help out, please sign up here:

Huge thanks to the committees that put in many hours of work to make this convention happen!

  • Convention Committee: Chair Ron Burch, Elston McCowan, Zay Thompson, Jerome Bauer, Vicke Kepling. This group organized all of the logistics for the convention, as well as preparing draft agenda and rules of order for the event with feedback from the membership.


  • Bylaws Committee: Chair Vicke Kepling, Henry Robertson, CJ Meyers, Don Fitz, Nancy Browning, & Zay Thompson.
    This group proposed a number of bylaws amendments with feedback from the membership and facilitated the bylaws discussion at the convention.


  • Platform Committee: Chair Katie Gore, Jerome Bauer, Conon Gillis, Paul Lehman, Kat Logan Smith, Don Fitz, Angie Mueller. This group put together 7 major draft platform planks and facilitated the platform discussion at the convention.


  • The 2016 State Coordinating Committee: Chair Katie Gore, Treasurer Joe Civettini, Secretary Zay Thompson, Outreach Coordinator Jerome Bauer, St. Louis Chapter Representative Johnathan McFarland, KC Chapter Representative Luke Pretz, Joplin Chapter Representative Ron Burch, Springfield Chapter Representative Vicke Kepling, Columbia Chapter Representative Salaam Enani. This group planned the state convention and coordinated party business from the election till the convention.


This was our first two day convention and the first state meeting of the membership since we became an officially recognized party. As a result, some parts of the convention were difficult. We intend to improve our meetings and conventions going forward. We hope that you’ll stick it out with us and we’d love to hear your thoughts on improvement. Please take a moment to fill out the evaluation form emailed to all the members.

To join our work and get MOGP membership, visit

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